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he first  face covering  in the world that can protect You and others against COVID-19

What makes this face covering unique ?

2 in 1 Adjustable and reversible triple layer face covering

The first face covering in the world that is made of propolised filter,

Api-textile that contains Propolis ( a substance created by the bees) shown in many scientific research to offer protection against Covid 19

--Highly durable as it is washable and reusable unlimited times

- the filter has a permanent efficiency and life spam

--No steaming upon glasses as the nose wire ensures a perfect fit

-- Elegant and stylish design flattering any face shape and age

-- It comes sterilised being treated with UV light before packaging

--Made of soft, stretchy cotton including the propolised filter

--With Velcro safety indicator to remind you of the right side of

your face covering that you need to wear

 --Manufactured in London UK at an high standard of hygiene and safety

--It comes in various sizes and lengths adaptable and customised to everyone's face shape for the perfect fit, comfort ability and safety


This face cover offers protection in three ways: 
#Inhalation of Propolis particles from the propolised filter 
of the mask inhibits  intracellular replication of the virus 
This process stop the virus cells reproduction and infection

# It prevents the virus from entering the human host cell  - when Propolis gets directly in contact with the virus

# It stimulates the immune system to combat the infection

Velcro dot to indicate the side that it was worn the previous time

preventing you from accidental contact with a contaminated surface

by positioning the rough side of the velcro on the outside part of the covering

2 in 1 Adjustable and reversible triple layer face covering large size


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